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Re: interesting secondary phenomonea

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, this is correct. I checked with one of my old Profs at UW-Madison and they confirmed this. The storage mechanism is different for vac caps as opposed to standard caps with dielectrics such as air or plastic.

Dr. Resonance

Hi DC and Gavin,

I believe the charge is on the surface of the conductor. It cant be inside the metal as electrons in metals are "free" and will try to get away from each other, hence they will be distributed about the surface whether a vacuum or dialectric material exist between the plates of the capacitor. If a vacuum, there is no dialectric to polarize. If dialectric material is present, the electron obits will be distorted by the field strength between the plates until the field is strong enough to pull the electrons "free" (dialectric breakdown).

Gerry R.