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xmfr and cap question ?

Original poster: Mark Horn <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

A quick thanks to everyone who's responded to my questions of late, much

I have another though .. I've noticed there is a thread regards
calculating the Cap size need.  When I original sized the cap I used the
mains line freq of 50Hz however I've noticed that others have used the
secondary sides freq ?? and I'm a tad unclear as to which side to use?
I've made the following calculations

(Primary Side) 15Kv @ 20ma @ 50Hz = 0.0042uF


(Secondary Side) 15Kv @ 20ma @ 20Hz = 0.0106uF

I did the original calculations using TeslaCAD and Deepfriedneon both of
which indicated I use the mains freq, could someone put my mind at rest
on which freq I should be using ??

Cheers and many thanks