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Re: interesting secondary phenomonea

Original poster: "Gav D" <gdingley@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,
that's what I thought actually, but I wasn't going to say it. Virtual
photons in the zero-point flux turn into electron-positron pairs,
which are electrical dipoles, and so polarize. I just rather hoped
there may have been a simpler/more sensible answer!


On 1/27/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

It's obvious.   The energy is stored in the Aether and is returned
back through virtual particles.   j/k.....but it sounded good.

Air is a gas and its molecules can be polarized just like the
molecules in a solid.  Same principles, no difference.  I'm not sure
how the polarization would occur in vacco.  Interesting question.

Dr. Resonance
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 >Original poster: "Gav D" <gdingley@xxxxxxxxx>
 >Dr Resonance,
 >so where is charge stored in an air spaced capacitor, what is
 >polarized in the vacuum?

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