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Pole Pig avb. in WA

Original poster: Erik Byng <ebyng@xxxxxxxx>

Hi guys,

I ran an add for this beast a while back, but broke a leg soon after and dropped off list for a bit. Apologies if I missed an offer in the downtime.

Have a single horn pole pig still sitting in the garage, 15kVa. Comes painted with a wheeled cart, the faceplate, a full load of non-PCB oil and a bit of help lifting it into your vehicle of choice. $150 in the Seattle area takes it, or make me an offer. I can transport it within reasonable distance as well, if your truck/car/boat/back can't handle +400lbs.

Also, to the gent who bought the slide choke, would you please contact me off-list? I've lost your email address and would like to get in touch with you.

Best regards,