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RE: St.Louis Coilers - Looking for transformers

Original poster: "Michael Strube" <mjstrube@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jim,

Mike here, in Glendale MO (suburb of St. Louis).  Can't help with the
transformers, but you might think about just building one from MOTs. I went
that route when I fried an NST shortly after finishing my coil.  Details


I'll probably have my coil set up and running again in mid-March.  If you're
close, feel free to come by and see it.

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Subject: St.Louis Coilers - Looking for transformers

Original poster: "Campbell, James C." <campbelljc@xxxxxxxx>

Anyone in the St.Louis/Lake of the Ozarks area have any transformers
they want to get rid of?  I am new to the list, and would also be
interested in meeting up with anyone that is in to
coiling/high-voltage experimentation in the area.     Thanks in advance!