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Your video tapes...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


I was wondering how many of your coiling research
documentation video tapes were packed full of
information pertaining to tube coiling?  I am sure you
could direct me to the ones which would benefit me the
most in my vttc efforts.  I am especially interested
in all footage where you try tubes off the beaten
path, ones you have never tried before and then
proceed to document the tweaks and adjustments you had
to make to get the coil sparking again.  I saw a post
from a few years ago where you were able to plug in a
single 813 to one of your vttc systems and manage 16
inch sparks.  Remind me of the cost of duplication of
your tapes and I will send you a money order (or
PayPal) for the cost as soon as possible.  I realize
that it could be time consuming to duplicate VHS
tapes, so I understand whatever you see fit to charge,
but I have always wanted to own some (or all) of your
tapes.  Thanks.


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