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RE: Really big VTTCs

Original poster: "Rich & DJ" <rdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: RE: Really big VTTCs

The 4CX15000 takes a special socket and chimney to cool it and a 160amp
filament transformer, I think you should look into flange mounted
triodes that don't need a special socket and stay away from the 4CX's
that need a screen voltage. The triodes are tougher. The YC-156 is a
popular tube that bolts right to a plate, cheap as medical pulls for
scan units and if you want to go to 15000 look at the 3CX15000B7 , the
A7 requires the high dollar socket the B7 does not and is easy to mount.

Rich , also a ham kd0zz.

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Subject: Re: Really big VTTCs

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

If I know how to design the rest of the coil, I might consider
grabbing the 4CX15000 -- seems like a good price for plenty of power.

    I'd never start such a project with only one tube - "stuff
happens".  As many others have noted, big tubes take big filament
power and aren't necessarily convenient to mount.