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Re: Weather/coil performance

Original poster: Ronald Fleshman <ronfleshman@xxxxxxxxx>

Interesting. I've used it to kill roots in septic systems and to kill aquatic weeds and alge in lakes. Looks like what it does depends on the concentration. It is far less corrosive than regular salt and works well on ground rods.
Ron Fleshman

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Mike

We used to "fertilize" our garden with small amounts of copper
sulfate. Good for plants that like acidic soil, like strawberries or
I believe the advantage of copper sulfate is that it isn't as
corrosive to the copper on the ground rod as sodium chloride is?

-Phil LaBudde

I think 'Miracle Grow' has a fair amount in it. Chloride salts are
much more corrosive than sulfates...yes.

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