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Re: Undamped oscillations

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

>     I've read that before and found it most interesting.  What a pity
> it is that we don't have all his lab records from that time to know
> exactly what he did, how he measured things, and what the results  were!
>  I suspect that to him ISOCHRONOUS meant to a part in a
> thousand at best, but plenty good enough for the purpose at
> hand.  The note from the one remaining Alexanderson alternator at
> Grimeton, Sweden, appears to be stable (at least short term) to about  1
> Hz out of 17.5 kHz but I haven't seen a description of the control
> mechanism for the prime mover.
    I have some vintage GE docs on one of their transmitter alternators,
    but they are buried.  8)>>.

    Among other things i recall it involving trick relaying
    so that as the RF output went on and off, the load on
    the alternator stayed constant: that is, RF power not used was
    diverted to a dummy load.  (I have the feeling thats not
    exact, but along that line of thought.)  Wish I could
    find it/them.