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RE: Commercial VTTC

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Frank,

The company is likely "Philips" (one l) as they privately own Sylvania and
much of the florescent tube business. Please share your schematic. Quite a

Jim Mora

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Subject: Commercial VTTC

Original poster: Frank <fxrays@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
I have a commercial VTTC that was rescued from the dumpster.
It was made by Phillips and all that I can see that is wrong is the
grid caps are shot.
The primary and secondary was wound on clear acrylic tubing.

The set is powered by 220 and uses an TB2.5/300 tube and the HV
supply is straight AC.

Apparently it was used to pre test fluorescent tubes when they were

After a long search I found exact replacements for the grid caps. I
just need to clean up the potting material that leaked from the cap
and make a control harness.
The case could stand a repaint but not critical.

I was lucky in that a schematic was found with the coil!

If anyone is interested in seeing it, I can send a zip file of pix
and the schematic. It is about 1.1 MB

Thanks, Frank