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Re: Flat coils & undamped waves (was Wire Length)

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I'd alwaysif possible add an extra turn for the primary...just in case, but the Wheeler formula has always been pretty darn good for flat primaries using tubing in my cases. Of course, if you wind up 'short' of turns somehow, an of axis tuning coil can save the day. I had to resort to that on my 8 in coil simply because I didn't have the needed lenght of tubing and I didn't want to have to change my primary cap. Worked like a charm.

To use the right calculation method can be crucial, when designing a
ribbon type flat spiral primary: the too high L prediction of Wheeler
may lead to a too small primary construction.


    Wheeler's APPROXIMATIONS were presented as exactly that, with
explicit  limits on parameters and the associated accuracy.  This
last part sometimes gets forgotten, leading to erroneous
results.  The correct Wheeler formula applied with the correct
dimensional limits gives good accuracy.


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