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Re: Weather/coil performance

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This is the max setting we use with a standard 12 kV 60 mA xmfr. The construction of the 15 kV xmfrs would be similar to the 12s so even with the 15s I would not exceed 250 mils max, or you will start to place excessive stress on the xmfrs sec coil.

nsts are not very robust at their upper levels as they are designed to provide the HV for only 1/4 sec or less until the gas in the neon tube is ionized, then drop back to around 800 volts and serve as a constant current source to keep the plasma heated in the tube.

Dr. Resonance

Dr., does the 220 to 240 mils max vary depending on the NST's output voltage? Dennis Hopkinton MA

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220 to 240 mils is the max recommend range for a nst sparkgap. Beyond that and you will begin to severely strain the nst even with a protective filter circuit. During initial tuning, keep the gap to around 140 to 150 mils max setting.

Dr. Resonance

Beware, large gap settings place heavy
>loads on NST, and they are rather fragile.
>Sincerely: Jared Dwarshuis

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