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Re: Are these mica caps?

Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Is it possible to get a picture?

If it has those big flange connections on either end (usually with 2
bolt holes) then its probably mica.  Mica's typically also have a RMS
current rating (often rated at various frequencies).  I do have other
mica caps that dont fit this description as well, so they do come in
other varieties.

As mentioned, they are usually quite large for their ratings.  I have
a 3nF 10kV unit thats about 4" diameter and 4" tall.  I also have some
10nF 10kV caps, again about 4" diameter and about 6" tall.  They are
all rated around 10-15A RMS at 200khz (so quite beefy for your average
tube coil, keeping in mind the Q of the primary circuit is still
around 10 or so).

Steve Ward

On 1/17/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Jonathan Peakall" <jpeakall@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I've been watching the mica cap thread for VTTC's. I have the tubes, and I'm
wondering if these caps I have are mica and/or would work for VTTC use.

The caps look like the ones at NSS linked in that thread. The are cylinders,
appear to be ceramic (not glass, like the glassmike caps) and are marked as


T103L1   12.5kV

Any idea what kind these are? I also have a lot of glass caps, are these any
good for VTTC's? I know of their problems for regular disruptive coils.

It would be sweet if I could use any of these caps, as then I would have all
of the expensive components.