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Re: Are these mica caps?

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

My mica caps are pretty good sized.. 6.75 in x 2.25 in x 4.75 in. They are also fairly heavy....haven't weighed them but I would guess each weighs about 5lbs..maybe more. They are .025uf (as measured, they are right on with the label) and 20kV pk to pk.

    How big are they?  Answer is almost certainly not unless they are
enormous.  I have an 0.006 mfd 20 kV mica capacitor by Sprague which
is about 6" in diameter and 10 inches long.
(wow that would be 125 cu in, but I guess mine are 72 cu in...who'd have thought??)


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