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Re: Ball Lightning from high-amp discharge

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

What is ball lightning right now, except a religious belief to some people?

That said, if ball lightning DOESN'T exist because it can't ever be reliably
shown to be replicated and/or theoretically posited, a thousand years from
now most true believers will still be passive disciples of the idea. "

It would appear that there are a number of visible phenomena which can be described as "ball lightning". No doubt some exist and some are imaginary. Until these things can be described more accurately or a specific physical event shown to cause them there can't be any real answer to the question of the existence of "ball lightning". Glowing globs of hot metal certainly can be created and do behave with the properties present in some descriptions of ball lightning. Are they ball lightning? Who's to say?

I just tried finding Tesla's descriptions in CSN but missed them on the first look. I was trying to find what he called them. Anyone remember the citation?