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My VTTC fun begins...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>

Dan, John Freau, Steve Ward and VTTC fans,

I have uploaded some pics to my hot-streamer site
which document some preliminary tube testing I've been

Here's my test of the filament of the 813 I got from
Dan Williams.  It was powered (through a variac) using
the same Zebra MOT which I rewound for the 833
filament.  It works great for either one, and also for
my 304TL:


Tonight I also checked the filaments on my 833A's:


Now all I need to do is wait for my doorknobs to
arrive in the mail, and get my hands on a 5k 100w (or
thereabouts) resistor for grid leak.  After than I'll
finish fabricating the hardwood base and wire
everything up.  Here is a picture showing some of the
parts I have assembled, including the extremely classy
toroid I purchased from Mr. Freau several years ago.
Extra large MOT made by Advance Transformer Co., a
huge MOT diode for the doubler and the usual pair of
can caps.   RL network to suppress parasitic
oscillations on the plate, and of course, the primary
form which still has needs a primary and grid coil
wound onto it.  This is very exciting, even though I
am probably a week or two from first light, maybe


This would not be possible without the excellent work
of John Freau and Steve Ward, plus many others.  The
VTTC FAQ is an excellent document from which I have
learned an immense amount...what an excellent
resource.   I will keep everyone posted.  Maybe I can
eventually inspire others to do more VTTC work.  I
know it has been discussed at length on the list over
the years, but I always felt it didn't really get its
fair share.  Maybe we can change that.


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