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RE: Tesla ray gun

Original poster: "Ken Willison" <kwillison2@xxxxxxx>

Is there anyone working on coils in Norfolk Va. Area
Ken E/M kwillison2@xxxxxxx

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Yes, as I recall, last season on Future Weapons (discovery channel)
they featured a variety of 'less than lethal' weapons including a
tesla coil.  It appeared to be a SSTC (drsstc? i dont really know the
difference) in a black container about the size of a duffel bag.  I
think it had part of the seconday protruding and a VTTC type
topload.  It produced about 4' purple streamers and looked pretty
frightening.  I think they said it was more of a psychological
weapon, because it actually wouldnt shock you.  Is this true?  If I
recall SSTC's run at lower voltage and higher amperage than
SGTC's.  What kind of a sensation would a small to medium sized coil
produce?  Anyone alive to tell about it?


Hi Drake,

     If there is a concurrent primary strike, you're dead. If not, it's just
relatively painless internal or external RF burns and/or long term
irreparable nerve damage.

Matt D.