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Re: Hookup wire instead of magnet wire

Original poster: "MIKE HARDY" <MHARDY@xxxxxxxxxx>

I too was wondering the same thing. I have about a 30 pound roll
of #22 stranded hook-up wire. The OD makes it the equivelent of
about #16 magnet wire. If I wound it on a 14 inch dia form for 54
inches it would be about 1000 turns. My concern would be the
130 ohms of DC resistance. Tink this is a problem?
Mike hardy
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Subject: Hookup wire instead of magnet wire

> Original poster: "Forest Darling" <fdarling@xxxxxxxxx>
> Is plastic sheathed solid copper wire smaller than 26 guage useful for
> a tesla coil secondary? It's not enameled, and I don't know if the
> plastic sheath would do as better or worse job at insulating. I have
> this "hookup" type wire available and would like to use it if I can...
> I'd appreciate any advice.