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Re: Hookup wire instead of magnet wire

Original poster: G Hunter <dogbrain_39560@xxxxxxxxx>

Yes, it will work.  I once wound a 24" tall secondary
on 4" PVC pipe using red, vinyl insulated 22AWG hookup
wire.  Coated with glossy varnish, it looked pretty
snappy!  It made acceptable sparks too.  You may view
it here:


However, hookup wire is not without drawbacks.  The
insulation means you will have fewer turns-per-inch
and therefore higher resonant frequency than with
enameled magnet wire of the same gauge.  Higher
operating frequency implies fewer turns on the primary
as well.  This issue becomes more acute as the
secondary gets smaller.  If you are planning a
mini-tabletop coil, you might want to hold out for
real magnet wire.  For a secondary at least 4"
diameter, it should work fine.



--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: "Forest Darling"
> <fdarling@xxxxxxxxx>
> Is plastic sheathed solid copper wire smaller than
> 26 guage useful for
> a tesla coil secondary? It's not enameled, and I
> don't know if the
> plastic sheath would do as better or worse job at
> insulating. I have
> this "hookup" type wire available and would like to
> use it if I can...
> I'd appreciate any advice.

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