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Re: Google Patents Tesla

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Original poster: "Gary Peterson" <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Could be METHOD OF SIGNALING, U.S. Patent No. 723,188, Mar. 17, 1903
> and SYSTEM OF SIGNALING, U.S. Patent No. 725,605, Apr. 14, 1903.
> Tesla's work on the "telautomaton" led him to devise methods for
> selectively activating any of several wireless receivers that
> involved multiple transmissions on multiple frequencies.  At the
> receiver, each one of the individual frequency components had to be
> tuned in, in order for the receiver to respond-the AND logic
> function.

    I'd been thinking more of 'solid state' than 'logic'
    patent.  Mayhap my bad.

>>Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>
>>A related, sort of, inquiry:
>>It has been said that one of Tesla's patents
>>was cited as 'prior art' in early (1950ish?)
>>Solid State patent law.
>>Does anyone know which?
>>I've not heard it identified...
>>  dwp