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Re: an interesting mechanical engineering problem

Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>


On 1/8/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey D.C.,
     If I understand you correctly you will be
using 160kW at 800V.   That is essentially 200
amps continuous current equivalent.   At
800V,  you should not really need a large radius
of curvature to prevent corona losses.

The peak voltage will exceed 10kV on the primary (despite the 800V (or
really 1200V i think) input voltage).

looking at copper bus bars and it would appear
you could use something like 1/8 in, by 3 1/2
inch buss bars, which would work for 800 amps rms
for a 30º rise in temp, but for 200 amps, would
probably stay pretty cool.

The RMS currents will be far greater than that.  My rough numbers for
the system suggest around 2000A RMS.

Big coils are big fun ;-)

Steve Ward

 At the low frequency
you plan to use,  I don't think skin depth would
be a serious issue.  The sections could be bolted
together with enough overlap to minimize
resistance.  Just a thought.  Here's the link I was looking at.



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