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Re: Fw: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

Original poster: "James Howells" <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for the reply : yes I wanted to know how to calculate what ballast I need ( what value of L )

I do not know what a  LC R is
I have some Fluorescent lamp ballasts but I think these will be TOO small
( they have MARKINGS of 50w A 0.67N AND LAMBDA 0.48)
I would be prepared to make or buy the chokes ( ballasts) IF I KNEW HOW TO CALCULATE WHAT I NEEDED. Dr R. gave me a practical solution: for which I am most grateful- (3ft of PVC pipe filled with steel chips, and then a winding of 400 turns - I have the laminates from a big transformer so this should be suitable as it should be high silicon steel) . Just a note on the cost of things here ( my Brother is in Vacaville Ca. so I get some feedback from him) Roughly everything in the UK is the same price as in the USA except in Pounds not dollars; and so, in real terms, twice as expensive
From another thread, I saw your lighting dimmers were about  2-3 dollars
the cheapest here is £7 gbp  that is about 13 USD !
The average small car is about 26 000 USD; gasoline is about 9 dollars a UK gallon

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