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NSTs for all

Original poster: mileswaldron@xxxxxxxxxxx
Dear All,

We at GravityMagnet.com have surplus of a nice range of very good NON-GFI NSTs. We have some really big NSTs, some unpotted pigs, and PTs too. If any one has an interest please let us know. We have NST prices listsed on the http://www.gravitymagnet.com site, but any workable request will be considered. Especailly from you guys. Sometimes it just depends on how interesting your project is. Our mission is to aid practical scientific research fostered by individuals. Trading is always a consideration. Sometimes we even give NSTs away for free (shipping fees still apply) if your plans look good. If you want an NST, we have a nice supply of them, and we are willing to negotiate for trades, paypals, or anything else that might work. If you are in search of a particular NST, or an NST array, please let us know. In addition we build very nice reactors to go along with transformers for currents of over 120ma. We have built ballast widing as well as an of coil winding machines. We als
 o supp
ly processional CDE polyprop MMC matrix arrays, vacuum and rotary spark gaps, and primary and secondary coils. We stock a nice assortment of completed coils too.

<a href=http://www.gravitymagnet.com>http://www.gravitymagnet.com</a>