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Re: 555 timer...

Original poster: David Speck <Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Simple approach is to put a NPN inverting transistor on the output and use it that way. I think there is an inherent feature of the way that the 555 works internally that makes it hard to do what you want directly. There are, however, lots of web sites that have all kinds of exotic 555 circuits if you want to go for a more elegant solution.


Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: "Chip Ford" <chipford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This is kinda off topic but, can someone please help me with this...I am trying to get a 555 timer rectangle pulse (Basic Astable) to stay low longer then it is high...Is this possible? I have achieved near equal (square) but never longer low then it is high?? Thanks for any help.

Chip Ford