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Re: Unpotted NST

Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx The answer is yes. 2 things I have tried are. Melt the old tar and mix in 50% high voltage oil. Put the neon back into the original metal case and pour in the tar. The best thing to do is build a plexaglass box to place the unpotted neon in then fill it with high voltage oil. Mike Hammer says he builds plywood boxes covered with polyester or fiberglass inside and out. I tried the wood box thing and it works fine to. Glue a top on the box with a fill hole for the oil. If you have trouble finding high voltage oil there are other oils you can use. Caster oil works great. I have also used uncented lamp oil the one that says it is 100% parrifin wax.

Gary Weaver

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>I'd appreciate some advice on this.  Once an NST has been unpotted,
>does it need to be repotted to safely run it?  Or can it be run dry
>without being immersed in any potting material - i.e., just the bare
>core & coils?  Thanks.  Dennis Hopkinton, MA
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