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RE: [RE]You Tube

Original poster: "Breneman, Chris" <brenemanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You can always use mencoder ...

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Original poster: "The Krohns" <2halice@xxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,

Went looking for Windoze media encoder and couldn't find it.  Could you be a
bit more specific about where I can find it.  Thanks.

Hal in Tucson

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 > Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>
 > Hi Bart,
 >     If you go to Microsoft's web site,  you can d/l Windoze media
 > encoder.  It makes decent videos and the file size is smaller than
 > any other program I've seen.   I don't know if it works for YouTube,
 > but the file will be in  .wmv format.
 > Mike
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