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Original poster: Slurp812 <slurp812@xxxxxxxxx>

To protect the NST, you want the cap to be LTR (larger than resonance)
for a 12/30 NST the resonant cap would be .066uf. From what Iv read
the cap should be about %50 bigger than that, so .0099uf, is the
target value. Most of this info I picked up from various users
websites, most of which are on this list....

On 1/5/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Breneman, Chris" <brenemanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

How do you arrive at the conclusion that .01uF is almost exactly
right for a static spark gap?  Is there some way of mathematically
calculating this or is it purely experimental?  And is this dependent
on voltage or other factors?