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RE: Lightning Video

Original poster: "alfred erpel" <alfred@xxxxxxxxx>

Gomez, all,

        You are right on.  This is a lesson in critical thinking.  I agree
with your analysis.  The video is a phony.


Al Erpel

> A lot of things about this video are suspicious, not least of
> which is the suspicious-looking "spark" itself.
> Why was someone video taping this guy working on his bike in
> the first place?  He doesn't appear to be doing any
> instruction, and whoever is holding the camera isn't talking
> to him, and the camera operator _never_says_anything to the
> guy, even after he has just apparently been injured.  Does
> that seem likely?
> The camera doesn't get put down either - whoever is running
> it keeps filming his friend / subject, despite the fact that
> he's supposedly just had the crap knocked out of him.  Who
> would do that and why?
> And isn't it amazing that the "spark" just happened to be
> almost perfectly centered in the shot at the beginning?  When
> you stop and think about this video, and watch it a few
> times, it begins to seem very unlikely to have played out
> that way in real life.
> Don't believe everything you see on the internet.
>   - B(G)L