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RE: Lightning Video

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Years ago, when I was insulating  homes , in Estes Park , Colorado ,
> there was a bad azz storm. I was in the house working. Its Been so  long
> now, but there was a pipe , or wire comming up from the ground ,  I saw
> a spark come out of it , then BOOM !!!!, the thunder
> came,...man, did that hit close , glad I was inside ,.....scarry..:-)
     There is a videeo, not, i think the one discussed,
     shot by a 'storm chaser'.  His video camera was on a tripod,
     shooting him, taliking of the storm, with bolts in distance.
     Off to one side a streamer was forming off the top of a spare
     tripod ...

     Every expert advice i have seen is that inside a (conventional,
     metal) car is safest place.  The tires are irrelavant:
      1) The stroke, if coming travelled a mile or so.
         6" or so of rubber is a 'don't care'.
      2) The safety comes from being INSIDE a pretty good (at those
         freqs) Faraday cage:  the current & voltage stay outside.

      There is a lighting group on yahoo....  largely storm chasers)