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Re: Information Unlimited BTC30 coil

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I don't know your name,  but hi.
It was cool of your teacher to give you this kit to build. It sort of detracts from your education on the design aspect, but hey....if he is willing to fork out too much $$ (based on my awesome scavenging skills lol) to further your education....I'm all for it. There's no substitute for winding your own secondaries...and I'd replace that filter choke with a 'Terry filter' as soon as you can. Another improvement would be to add an additional spark gap or two.....AFTER you get it going. Just that for a static gap system, a few gaps in series will quench better. You didn't mention the wire guage used on the secondary, so I will have to make some assumptions for the moment. It would seem that there is a possibility of tweaking this system......but build it as is for now.

Original poster: jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hello All

2nd day back to school and I am still on break.=)

My Physics teacher gave me the BTC3 kit today.  YAY

So here are pictures of what it comes with.

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