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Re: Mind Freak Video

Original poster: "The Krohns" <2halice@xxxxxxx>

Hi Slurp,

Granted, Chiss Angel is a darn fine illusionist and, of course he does it
for money.  We all do something for money.  However, maybe we should give
him a little credit because he had big enough cojones to take a full power
hit from that monster of a coil.  Now maybe I'd do something radical like
that with my little 4" coil but I'd have to think long and hard about
sticking my derriere into the streamers of that monster.  Phew... just
thinking about it gives me the willies.

Cordially, Hal in Tucson

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> Original poster: Slurp812 <slurp812@xxxxxxxxx>
> I brought this up a while back. What a can of worms. Anyway it was
> reported that he faked the "nerve damage". And I asked myself who do I
> believe? Some guy on TV whos doing it for the $$$, or a coiler? I
> believe all of his stunts are scams, I mean of course they are . We
> all know no one can walk through a window, AND leave the window
> intact.
> On 1/2/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >  With the lightning thread getting so many responses, I thought some of
> >  might not have seen the video of Criss Angel, the magician from the
> >  Freak" television show, getting hit by DC's big coil:
> >  http://tb3.com/tesla/tv/mf/index.html. The video links are
> >near the bottom
> >  of the page.  It's quite the show.  As reported on the video, Criss
> >received
> >  nerve damage in his foot when his chain maille shark suit
> >  Ouch!
> >
> >  Hal in Tucson