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Re: magnetrons as diodes

Hi Everyone,
I havnt really posted anything on the list before but i have been reading it for a while,
I was just wondering if the magnetrons out of microwave ovens could be used as HV diodes, if you removed the magnets to stop microwave generation. and used the filament winding on a MOT for filament power.
If any on has tried this before i would love to know....i supose they would quickly overheat though?
I was thinking it would be a good alternative to HV silicone diodes in a voltage doubler circuit (for a dual MOT supply----it keeps blowing diodes),
Any comments much apreciated,
Jesse Frost"

   They would certainly work but don't know how much voltage drop they'll have - easy enough to try if you are able to get the magnets off without wrecking the vacuum.  If you try it let us know what happens.