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N. Tesla ...is alive, ALIVE!!!

Original poster: William Beaty <billb@xxxxxxxxxx>

(I sent this to friends, but I don't recall if I posted it here)

Use "Veepers" to bring dead famous people back to life:

(msIE browser required for viewing, with activX enabled)

   Creepy talking Tesla head

It took me about ten minutes to make that page.

Ignoring the synthesizer speech ...just sit and watch Young Tesla move his
head and blink his eyes.  Very unsettling.  Dreamlike.

What was Tesla thinking at the moment his picture was taken?  What if we
had Tesla in the same room, and we could ask him questions?


I find that I can grab the source for that webpage and put it on a
website, though it goes dead after a few weeks when some timeout expires.
Need to modify the relative internal URLs, of course. Go into the source
and change the text, and Tesla will say anything you wish.  Or hit the
"create" button and start from scratch by giving it a JPEG photo stored on
your hard drive.

on http://www.tesla-museum.org/ they mention that eventually they're going
to digitize all of Tesla's work... and put it online!

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