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Re: Racing Spark Prediction

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi dest,

I'm waiting for the captures too. Terry has the equipment and I have the coil. All we need to do is get together :-)) I've been spending my time milling a motor bushing and electrode holders for a new SRSG. The holders are done and the bushing needs a slit and turned true on a lathe. I will get the G10 next week and machine the rotor then modify the motor, and then I will try to do that with Terry.

Gerry R.

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Gerry.

i would certainly like to go in college once again, coz now i know
exactly on which disciplines i really need to focus, but i doubt that
you can find anything interesting in school : )
btw - waiting for your captures of Ibase while racing & further
continuation of this thread ; )

> Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Thankyou dest for saying that,  I was thinking I would have to go
> back to school :-(((

> Gerry R.

>>@#$, i`ve mixed up time & frequency domains, so you`re right here % )