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Grinding flats into motor to make syncronous help!

Original poster: striker754@xxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm trying to convert this motor to syncronous operation. I am not sure how big to cut the flats. Picture 3 in terrys zip file shows the flat going to the edge of the next pole. Yet the motors 2 picture in the same zip file says measure to the middle of the next pole. What should I do?

Here is a picture of the motor:


Is the black area the dead pole? The red ones dont have direct run windings around them, but they are totally encased in the windings, which is what I think matters correct? The black one is inbetween the 2 loops of windings which is what I think I want...

Is that the correct distance for the flat to be cut? Half way between the next active pole? The armature is ~ 3.5 in diameter.

Thanks guys


PS: Terry, can you email me your phone number, maybe we can get together sometime again.