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parts for sale

Original poster: coils@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey list,

I have the following parts for sale, if anyone is interested you can email
me at coils@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 large mots, both 2200 volt secs, and shunts removed. $10 ea.

1 15kv/60ma nst $20

1 15kv/30ma nst $10

1 12kv/30ma nst $10

1 3/4 hp motor modded for 1800rpm sync. 5/8" shaft $40

1 powerstat 1156d $75

1 powerstat 1256d $100

1 E-I core adjustable ballast with spacers, 150 turns #12, 40lbs. $100

I also have various 6" acrylic tube secondaries with #24 wire and
primaries to go with them.

everything works perfectly, let me know if you are interested.  Buyer will
have to pay shipping, and some of the items are pretty heavy.  You can
also pick up in west L.A.

Have a great holiday weekend,

Thad Howard