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Re: Coil dimensions

Original poster: "Andrew Bonnell" <andrewbonnell@xxxxxxxxx>

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  What does OD stand for?


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On coil diameters of 4 inches and above, always use a flat Archmedian
spiral. Sec OD to sec winding length should be in the range of 1:4
ratio. Usually procedure is to set approx 8-12 turns on primary and
adjust capacitance to match resonance point.  The equations for
inductance of flat spirals and resonance are in the Tesla List archives.

Where is your physical location --- city?

Dr. Resonance

>What determines the coil dimensions for the primary and secondary
>coils (ex. secondary height, number of coils on primary and
>secondary, shape of primary, diameter of primary and secondary,
>etc.)?  What equations are used?  Thanks.