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RE: Continuously variable primary

Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Tim,

> i agree has anyone modeled this in software?
> tim

The two oppositely wound flat spiral coils will definitely give a
greater and variable inductance, I have built such coils and
still have them.  But I haven't used this type of coil as a
primary inductor.

I have my own reservations as to whether this would work as a
drop in replacement for a Tesla coil.  Instead of the primary cap
being dumped in one direction of the winding, it is being dumped
in both directions on the same initial pulse.  If it does work,
the secondary would likely have to be designed to twice the
frequency as a single flat spiral primary system.  Also, the
system would likely have to be designed to operate as a
continuous sine wave, rather than as a damped pulse.

Maybe this type of variable primary would be better suited for
the solid state coils.