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Re: Overtones and velocity factors

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 11:10 AM 5/25/2006, you wrote:
Hallo Terry.
>   I was also trying to get some racing arcs for Paul's thing but I
> could not get any yet...

haven`t you measured Q primary with "gap" yet? % )

Indirectly...  But it was SO good I did not care anymore ;-))

It is easy to find:

Q  = 1/R x SQRT(L/C)  =  1/ 0.1 x SQRT(16.83E-6/150.5E-9)  =  105.75

> ScanTesla
> I think you came on the list after it...   You should check it out
> since you might like it ;-))

you`re right on both cases, so be prepared to some number of
questions. next week probably : )


Here are some PDFs:

Another "attempt" at making instructions:


It basically generates data for other programs to analize.

BigCoil analysis:


Steve Ward's coil:




There is also a three coil system version:


I have the input file for Tesla's Colorado Springs coil somewhere...

The program needs some bug fixes still too...