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Re: Spun aluminum toroids available

Original poster: "Daniel McCauley" <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Just a note, that I ordered a 4" x 13" toroid from John Freau and i have to say the quality of these toroids is exquisite. As John said, spun toroids are the "gold-standard" in topload excellence, and in my opinion, with the exception of O.W. Landergren, these are the best spun toroids I have seen - even much better than the ones produced by high voltage giant,
Ross Engineering!



I have three sizes of professional quality spun aluminum toroids available.
All sizes have 1/4" mounting hole.

Spun toroids permit the sparks to glide over the toroid surface, and
longer sparks can be obtained for a given toroid diameter compared
with corregated dryer duct toroids.  Spun toroids give a tesla coil
a professional finishing touch.  They are the "gold-standard" in topload

All prices include shipping within the USA, so they are the total prices.
Immediate shipment by priority mail.

  1.75" x 6" ................. spin polish.................  $44

  4" x 13"  ........ pristine brushed finish .......... $139

  5" x 16"  ........ pristine brushed finish .......... $182


Payment by PayPal (FutureT@xxxxxxx), MO, or check.

John Freau
49 Thiem Ave
Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662