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Re: SRSG - rotor attachment

Original poster: "seanick" <edgarsbat@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla coiling has easily set me back as much or more for tools as it has for materials (and time is not even something I want to think about :) ) drill press, 2 bench grinders and probably a third before too long, band saw, welder, vise, hacksaw, files, sawzall, air die grinder, air compressor motor (to replace burnt-out one),... the list goes on but I can't think of it all right now...

If you are buying anything like a drill press or a band saw, don't get the cheap one from Sears. I did get the cheap one of both of those from Sears- the drill press is already toast (though admittedly I probably still got my moneys worth out of it) and the band saw has been useless for anything but very rough cuts for very small amounts of 1/4" plexi, ever since the day I got it. Definitely get the next model up, or three models up (or best yet: don't go to Sears). you will thank yourself later.. I can't say for the lathe as I don't have one of those. I usually have to jury-rig something when I need to wind a coil or the like. Never had trouble doing so though...

Tell us how your project works out! Which reminds me, I need to go finish my adjustments, take pictures, and try my own again today. I did manage to fix the hunting problem I was having. I replaced the universal joint I was using with a short piece of fiberglass-reinforced air hose and some hose clamps and the problem was solved. Looks like my 2 part motor- spark gap idea may yet pan out.


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Hi Nick,

I decided to make a bushing from an aluminum disc 4x1 inch disc. The disc came yesterday and now to the lathe to center bore it. Got to order the lathe first though. These projects are just excuses to get the equipment I've always wanted :o)))

Gerry R"

I don't know how anyone can get by without a drill press, lathe, and mill! Add to that a disk sander and, of course, a good bench vise with hammer, hacksaw and file for precision work.