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Re: Racing Spark Prediction

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Paul.

> Original poster: Paul Nicholson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dmitry wrote:

who`s told you how to write my name correctly? : D better just don`t
use it at all - like i do (about 10 years already) ; )

> Hey you guys, go easy!  These sound like fair questions if we
> suspect HF signals are causing racing arcs.

ok, ok - that was just not my day : D
but imo _in this particular case_ it would be much more faster & easier
just to wind the darn thing and check all this in real hardware, than
trying to figure it out from general theory. and after doing this
you`ll get some necessary data to crunch.
heck - i even don`t have _place_ to wind something - is there (from
over than 1000 of coilers : D) anybody who have ability to do this? % )

> Let's identify the cause before considering the cure.

sorry about that - it`s just my way of asking questions if you
remember - to claim smth and then observe reaction of others % )

> the quadratic eigenvalues and for the eigenvectors of the large,
> dense, non-hermitian 'solenoid matrix' which is defined in

your posts in general, and especially such parts of them as quoted
above have deep psychologic influence on me - i start to remember that
once very-very long time ago i liked linear algebra and was not very
bad at solving integrals and differential equations %%% ) and this
great feeling of being a part of something real big and important, so
good luck to you, who knows, maybe in future i`ll remember some of
long forgotten theory and start to contributing to the list too % )

> this software is downloadable, GNU-able, can i compile it
> for myself?

>> Yes.  But at the moment there are some incomplete changes.

it is a pity, but anyway i don`t have time for this now, i`m abandoned
GeoTC and just used Inca last time, to my own shame % )

> Dmitry wrote:
>  > do you really suppose that his [D.C's] coils were such horrible
>  > quality or were coupled well below 0.1?

> No, neither.  I assume the coils are good and the coupling is
> modest but not super low as D.C.'s setup procedure would suggest.
> I suspect some combination of factors is upsetting the sweep.

look - i`m reading archives from the begining and i see, that all 10
years starting from appearance of D.C. on this list, he is suffering
from old misconceptions about coupling, standing waves, e.t.c.
i think that you guys must help him to understand the very basic
things about how resonance transformers works, coz this is the one of
the purposes of this list, isn`t it so?
he is constantly referenced to some "Radio Amateur's Handbook --- they
have good drawings in there illustrating my point" - what is it?
i`ll bet money that there is no info about pulse mode of operation
with limited amount of energy - probably usual continuous exitation
from current or voltage source, that has nothing to do with his coils.
i remember Antonio told me in 2004:

"Not much theory is needed to make a working impressive Tesla coil.
These things are very insensitive to theoretical misconceptions..."

today i understand that NONE theory at all is needed here - just more
or less time (or luck, or friends) and votl-amps. this is not bad
b.t.w. in general case and i have nothing against it. in general : )

> D.C. wrote:
>  > No racing sparks here in over 30 years!!

> So he must be doing something right, we just need to understand
> exactly what and how. There must be some other factor, such as
> reduced coupling between primary overtones and the secondary, etc.

what are you talkin about - which other factors? a bunch of people attended
in personal at "Resonance Research" teslathons - anybody noticed
something "other" in his coils? is this a "deep dark secret" again? or
you suppose that just nobody from that people was interested in exchange
of views/construction tips/etc and just nobody bother to examine
"Big Bruiser" closely for example?
there are lots of people on the list, who have conventional design and
surely can say the same thing - "i don`t have racing sparks on my
present very usual coil".

> Simple reduction of k doesn't give the answer - the HF modes are not
> reduced sharply enough.

but at least this is _only_ thing that he is exactly doing. he may
misinterpret something, failing to measure things correctly, but i
doubt that there can be any troubles with visual verification that in
case "a" there is racing sparks, and in case "b" there is none of them.

> Guys, we are running out of things to say on this topic. Most of
> these points have been stated before. We are stalled

this is not the problem of this topic only, but this whole list imnsho.
i want, but would be out of help probably some more 6 months : \

abot all this "critical, under-, over-" and even "transitional"
couplings - this night i found the simpliest explanation from John


that`s all folks : )
and from Terry Fritz:


it`s not racing sparks that limit coupling - it`s your poor gap : )
Terry has ss gaps these days, so this info is not applicable to him
now, but how much others going the same way? : )