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Re: Racing Spark Prediction

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx In a message dated 5/20/06 2:17:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Guys, we are running out of things to say on this topic. Most of
these points have been stated before. We are stalled, needing
some measurements of coils near to producing racing arcs so we
can actually see what signals are present and at what level.
I feel that lurking in this topic is something new and useful
waiting to be discovered, hidden not too deep - and we have the
technology too!  We 'theorists' can only speculate ad nauseum
until this ball returns from the experimenter's court.
Paul Nicholson


There is a TC operation mode that can produce a great number of
racing sparks all over the secondary.  I don't remember anyone
mentioning this but they may have.  One time I was testing a
static series gap under relatively high power.  The gap was not
cooled so it heated up fairly quickly causing it to either power-arc
and/or quench poorly.  When the gap was still cool, there were
no racing sparks.  As soon as the gap heated, a great number
of racing sparks appeared.  I don't remember if the output
sparks decreased in length.  I would imagine they might have.
I would think that the peak capacitor voltage would be lower
in this (over-heated gap) mode.  I didn't actually scope the
firing of this coil.  I think I've seen other folks' coils which
did the same thing but it seems to be something that hasn't
been discussed much or at all on this list.  Any thoughts or
speculations about why this might happen?