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electrically insulating varnish

Original poster: Tim S <stm800@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Everybody:)

i have found alot of #22 and #20 AWG wire in great condition but it is bare wire not coated.

i have worked out a simple machine for coating,baking and winding to a spool.

this wire would save me alot of cash buying coated magnet wire if i found some varnish that could be readilly bought at the hardware store to coat it.

marine spar varnish has worked good for me in the past,but i wanted to ask the lists for any suggestions or comments maybe links on some material and the like to this idea.

i have been winding experimental coils: solenoids,pancake, bifillar,trifillar,reversed windings etc.

i have built my vacuum impregnating machine for total coil encapsulation,
i have tested cotton wound with beeswax,and resin epoxy,
these schemes work out well but it is harder to resin epoxy the wire first as hardening of the mixture is not consistant timing.

thanks in advance   tim