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Re: the best spark gap?

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


You could use any of the above of the listed spark gap desings.
"I" would probably go with the RQ style as you mentioned, sucker or blower, just so long as you do have some forced air cooling for
this much power. A synch rotary gap would also work great but is
a bit more of a challenge to design and construct properly than a stationary type of gap. If you ever decide to go to pole pig power,
a rotary gap will prove essential though, although most pig coilers
run asynch instead of synch.

BTW, aren't you the one who stated that you were located in Mem-
phis? I'm also in the Memphis area, so you'll have to look me up ;^)
You can check out my coil at: http://dawntreader.net/hvgroup/david/gm.html
or you could come and see it in person ;^)

David Rieben

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Subject: the best spark gap?

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Hey all,
Assuming a 12kv/120ma NST bank and a .03 uf 35 KV cap, is there any sort of consensus as to what the most efficient sort of gap would be for this (medium-ish?) configuration? There's sucker gaps, blower gaps, single static gaps, multi static gaps, rotary gaps, RQ gaps, etc. I was thinking about a RQ style gap with a vacuum or leaf blower for quenching or maybe using some tungsten carbide dremel bits also air quenched. Any ideas?