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Re: the best spark gap?

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Vac gaps are great if you like all the noise. A nice async RSG, 1/4 Hp motor, 1725 rpm, with 5-6 electrodes on a 9 inch dia spacing works very well with most NST powered coils running a 12 kV 120 mA nst. Use a 6 inch dia. sec if possible for higher output over the 4 inch dia.

Dr. Resonance

Assuming a 12kv/120ma NST bank and a .03 uf 35 KV cap, is there any sort of consensus as to what the most efficient sort of gap would be for this (medium-ish?) configuration? There's sucker gaps, blower gaps, single static gaps, multi static gaps, rotary gaps, RQ gaps, etc. I was thinking about a RQ style gap with a vacuum or leaf blower for quenching or maybe using some tungsten carbide dremel bits also air quenched. Any ideas?