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Re: SISG first sparks!

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I still used the "full" bridge configuration. The two diode configuration gives only half the voltage but maybe twice the current. I need all that voltage I can get!!.

I am just using 8 x 1N5408 diodes per leg. 32 of them only cost a little over $5 ;-)) Like MMCs, just drill some holes in an insulating board to mount them.




Hi Karl,

At 04:27 PM 5/13/2006, you wrote:
Hi Terry, Gerry, all;

If the SISG if it works as well as we all hope, it will suddenly give a new lease on life to all of those MOT's we we have laying around. Couldn't you connect the cores of two MOT's together, and bring out the HV secondary leads to double the voltage, and then make a full-wave bridge rectifier using two HV diodes on those leads in a center-tapped rectifier design? If that works, we may not need those hard to find NST's anymore.

Keep up the great innovations Terry!


I ended up doing this for my SISG coil ;-))

I put the details in that last few pages of the updated PDF file here:


I will try to keep that file updated. Parts are on order today so not much will happen till Thursday. I will be remounting the MOTs, working on the diode bridge, and making a new MMC for it...