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Re: Clear Coat for Secondaries ? ? ?

Original poster: Timjroche@xxxxxxx

Terry, et al.,

I have used EnviroTex Lite with absolute wonderful results...There IS only one thing to keep in mind.... it takes HOURS to dry and stays semi-flowable for at least 2 hrs. The best results I've gotten (5 coils I done like this - Dia. from 2" to 8 3/8") is to apply around 1/16" thick at a fairly fast rpm (i use a jig for my lathe/mill to make coils) this helps degas the epoxy, then with a soft propane flame, fire the epoxy to finish pulling the bubbles out. get as close to the coil w/ the flame to just "tickle" the coil and KEEP IT MOVING..i then actually leave the coil for 30 - 40 mins. then lower RPM till its spinnin' say 60 - 100 for about 2-2.5 hrs