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Re: New Baby!!! SISG!! 2:52PM (MST) weighing in at 0.78 Oz / 900Volts at 800 Amps!!!!!!

Original poster: "Daniel McCauley" <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm actually going to be using "cheaper" IGBTs in the experiment to replace my 4kV/38mA minicoil with a solid state gap. I ordered parts and a board today so by the end of next week i should have something working to help verify this baby's operation. I also prepare to make a full comparison between the spark gap coil and one with the solid state gap
to attempt to quantify any efficiency gains by using the solid state gap.

fun, fun, fun ! ! !


You would have to rectify the NST output which is not super hard using many cheap diodes in series. You do need a lot of sections and they are expensive. That is the only bad thing about it. The IGBTs cost so much... They are the latest and greatest I am using, but maybe there are cheaper that will work.

So how much does or did  one of these super IRGPS60B120KDP IGBTs  with more
active area than a cow actually cost in dollars??

Robert (R. A.) Jones
A1 Accounting, Inc., Fl
407 649 6400

$23.00 "each"   $18.40 for 10 or more.  I just got 20...

I hope to get some kind of coil wired up today. I only have two sections so the power will be low. I will also write up a more detailed paper rather than the 7 or whatever out there now.