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Re: Tesla building questions

Original poster: "Tom Heiber" <tom.heiber@xxxxxxxxx>

Hmm, two responses, different answers. Any tie breakers? :)



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>>I have 2 NSTs, each 12Kv @ 60ma. Run in Parallel. Powered by a
>>0-140V 20A Variac.
>>When the input voltage is increased from 120V to 140V using a
>>variac. The output voltage on the NST increases from 12Kv to 14Kv. Does
>> the output current on the NST also increase? If I was running  120ma @
>> 120V, does it run 140ma @ 140V?
> Yes, current will scale.
     I would not expect it to.
     NSTs (as specified, here) are specialized, with magnetics
     designed to current limit at the nameplate value, or a bit over.